The Beta Release! V0.7!

Version 0.7 of Arena marks the last of the alpha updates, it includes all 16 levels and all enemies!

I am officially done adding new features to the game, and now I am preparing to submit the game to Steam and the Apple App store. For the next month or so i'll be working on performance and trying to find any bugs. If you find any, or have any general feedback let me know! I'll add your name to the credits. 

Here is a list of the most exciting changes and additions to 0.7 (in no particular order):

  1. Finished all levels
  2. Added all enemies
  3. Recorded new voices and audio
  4. Painted new UI art
  5. Updated the leaderboards and achievements 
  6. When something is on fire, the fire can spread to other things
  7. I Improved the enemy's aim. Enemies can now lead their shots. 
  8. I added a shield upgrade spell that absorbs damage and heals the player
  9. Spawners no longer de-spawn their spawned units when they are destroyed. (makes it a little harder)
  10. Guards now have more tips and conversation points
  11. Each level has a finely tuned par time. (the average of me playing MANY rounds)
  12. Snake egg is now flammable
  13. Casting your shield now puts out fire
  14. You can now use the scroll wheel to change spells

And thank you everyone for playing the alpha builds! Arena has been a blessing to make, a fun challenge, and the support I've received on has certainly motivated me to make it the best game that I can. I thank you all :) 



Arena (Beta v0.7) 70 MB
Aug 21, 2019
Arena (Beta v0.7) 90 MB
Aug 21, 2019

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Absolutely love the art style, are all 16 levels available here? finished it and was dying for more.

yeah they're all there! you beat the dragon?


Not yet! finished the alpha, trying to beat the dragon now, just need to work on my shield and shot timing! I absolutely love this game so much, the art style is insane if you ever need any voice acting or anything done i would love to help. Keep it in mind!

i'm so glad you like it!! i'll keep you in mind for the sequel :)