Squashin' Bugs

Hey everyone!

I hope you liked v0.8! It was the most downloaded version by far, and I got the most feedback from it. I tried my best to respond to everything in this update. I also included a couple performance boosts. It should run even better now!

Special thanks to ZaRR and  mandeln1 for finding a networking bug! They found that the game would sometimes get stuck at the start screen while it was checking the server for build updates. In this update, the request has a 10 second timeout, so it won't hang forever if your internet suddenly gets slow.

Also I wanted to congratulate the following user names for holding the highest scores on the leaderboard. (As of 9/3/2019)

  1.  Best Play Time: KingArthur at 3.80m
  2. Kill Death Ratio: FragBait at 221
  3. Win Loss Ratio: KingArthur again at 1.44

Pat your selves on the back! and thank you for playing!


Arena (Beta v0.85).zip 87 MB
Sep 04, 2019
Arena (Beta v0.85) Windows.zip 69 MB
Sep 04, 2019

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2 things of note.

1. When you go to the ends of the arena (not where the shop is) it can load you as outside the arena and stepping back more towards the center plays the "welcome to my arena" quote. It just interrupts flow but isn't too important

2. Can I view the leader board without logging in? I already connected online, I sometimes wanna just check the board updates without needing to login every time

1. you're right! I've been meaning to fix that.

2. I could set it up to do that! I'll think about it. I was considering making a website for the game, and I could show the leaderboards there

you are the world record holder!

Your leader board update in the dev log inspired me to get them all

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Thanks so much for the update! Downloaded the v0.85 but the game still locks on connecting, it just keeps conneting even after 10 lol.

Also, as in previous version, I wonder if someone else having screen flickering while the game starts, it just keeps flickering about 5 times then everything is fine. It's before the connecting screen.

ieek !

Maybe try to make like pressing ESC will skip connecting? Just comment in that connecting screen "ESC - skip connection and play without records saving"